When Trading Feels Like a Train Wreck


tradingThe end of this week felt a lot like what I imagine a train wreck feels like. It hurt.

Each of the four portfolios lost serious ground this week. That makes this post no a whole lot of fun to write. Basically, it makes you want to quit trading altogether and find some other way to make money. Perhaps one of those creative pyramid schemes I keep hearing about…

That’s the resistance talking. As traders, we have to fight it all the time. It’s not easy. It’s always there. Knocking at the door. Just waiting for you to slip up and allow yourself to take a weekend off from doing your homework. Why not, right?

During rough patches in the market, it is important to stick to your strategies and routines. That is the best way to make sure that you are ready to go when the market bounces back. It might not be till August, or it might be Monday, but the market is definitely going to bounce back at some point.

Here is what each of the portfolios looks like this weekend:

Weekend IBD 50 Trend Following Portfolio

As you probably assumed, this was a terrible week for the Weekend IBD Portfolio. It got hurt. Bad.

The Portfolio started out the week by selling QIWI, and then closed the week by triggering sell orders in CMG, GNRC, and YY. That means that this week marks the biggest turnover since we started tracking the portfolio.

After closing last week with an overall return of 1.16%, the portfolio is now showing an overall loss of 5.16%. That is way down from the 4.46% profit it was showing two weekends ago. Obviously things have changed in a hurry. Despite the terrible performance of just about everything in the market this week, the SPY is still above its 100-day SMA, so the Weekend Portfolio is going to be looking to add three new positions.

Running the Weekend IBD Portfolio scan on this weekend’s IBD 50 produced four potential names: SYNA, MANH, GMED, and BIIB. Since the Weekend IBD Portfolio already holds BIIB, no ranking is needed. The portfolio will add the other three as positions on Monday morning as it sells off its losing positions

Here is what the portfolio looks like this weekend, before those transactions are made:

ibd portfolio

Weekend S&P / Russell Portfolio

The weekly S&P / Russell Portfolio struggled as well this week. The overall return on the account slide to a loss of 3.58%. That is down from a loss of 0.84% last weekend and a profit of 1.48% the previous weekend.

The portfolio signalled two sells as both ACXM and CMG dropped below their initial 10% stops. Running the scans on the Russell 3000 produced 44 potential stocks this weekend. After ranking them, the top two stocks were CTIC and PVA. The low price points on each of these stocks makes me leary, but there is no stipulation in the strategy for minimum price, so the buy orders have been placed.

Here is what the Weekend S&P / Russell Portfolio looks like this weekend:


Ivy Ten Portfolio

The Ivy Ten Portfolio got hit this week as well. It slid to an overall loss of 1.8%, and each of its three holding have gone into the negative.

Here is what the Ivy Ten Portfolio looks like this weekend:


Ivy Twenty Portfolio

The Ivy Twenty Portfolio is the only one of the four portfolios still holding in the green. That is mostly due to the big position the portfolio has in IWC. The portfolio is up 0.14% for the week.

Here is what the Ivy Twenty Portfolio looks like this weekend:

ivy twenty