What am I doing during this correction?

During a Market Correction, IBD says that we are supposed to be “raising cash” and “refining our watch list.” I’ve been in 100% cash since the correction began and stocks are seeming to fall off of my watch list before I even get to add them. So what am I spending my time doing lately?

Looking into Further Education – I have been saying for years that my dream is to manage my investments from a little office in downtown Monaca. The problem with that is twofold. First, my investing style is incredible boring, so I will still need something else to do to keep me occupied when the markets aren’t trending. Two, I don’t see myself ever cashing out my investment money to pay rent somewhere, so I’ll still need some income.

I have become quite good at the accounting work I do at my current job. I also realize that I only need 15-20 credits in accounting to qualify to take the CPA Exam. I thought this wasn’t doable, because Penn State wants $500 a credit to take these classes online. Through quite a bit of Google searching, I discovered that LSU offers a “Certificate in Accounting” program that is exactly what I need for $100 per credit. I’m sold. Having a little accounting business would provide the income I need to run the Investment and Financial Counseling operations I’d like to be involved in.

Preparing to Get Married – We’re about two and a half weeks away from the big day and the stress has been mounting lately. Merging our financial and physical lives has already been quite an overwhelming experience.

Remodeling the Kitchen - Trying to add some value to my house and create a peaceful environment from which I can write and study.

With a little effort and some luck, sometime in the next few weeks I’ll be adding Riding My Jet-ski to this list. As long as the weather stays warm and the engine starts OK, I should have it in the water the first week of June!