An Update on My Amazon Sales


It’s been a little while since I’ve discussed the numbers that my Amazon business is doing. Things have been good.

amazonsales-071414As of last night, my sales for the past 30 days are just under $7,000. While 7 day sales broke above $2,000 for a few weeks at the end of July, they have since trailed off but are recovering this week and heading back above that line now.

When I started this experiment a few months ago, I was thrilled to have one sale in a day. Now, I am averaging more like 7 sales each day and have been doing a bit of freaking out when those daily numbers drop.

The chart below shows my profit numbers for the first four months of sales:




As you can see, things have definitely been trending in the right direction. It is worth noting that while the gross numbers have increased dramatically, the ratio numbers have suffered a bit as I have become more comfortable taking smaller profits that are more likely to happen quickly.

With all of the facts out there, this by far the most successful experiment I have worked on since starting DTAYS a few years ago. While freelance writing was and is a great income, it doesn’t quite scale the way it appears that Amazon selling will.

In the long term, I believe that there will be a happy medium between the scalability of Amazon selling and the regular income aspects that I like about freelance writing. The two should make excellent counterparts under the Brooklyn Content umbrella.

Photo Credit: Sister72 via Compfight cc