Trading on Vacation


jamaicaDespite my best efforts, the markets didn’t take the same vacation days that I did this year. There were actually quite a few signals on both sides while I’ve been away. Fortunately, Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica had WiFi, so I was able to execute all of the buy and sell signals that were triggered over the past two weeks.

The overall value of the fund has dropped to a total of $96,086.10. That represents an overall net loss of 3.91%.

The big question that has been on my mind is whether the 3-ATR trailing stop is too tight. At this point, I think it is more likely that the poor market conditions are to blame for all of the exit signals. Either way, it will take more than six weeks of data to make any significant decisions.

Stocks That Left The Fund:

The Monday before I left was a rough day for the fund. Sell signals were triggered in JAZZ, SLXP, SAVE, and LPLA.

The following Monday was another bad day in the market that tripped sell signals in URI and SYNA.

Stock That Entered The Fund:

The SPY closed right above its 100-day SMA last weekend, so despite the overall shakiness of the market, the QG Fund was a buyer. On Monday morning, the fund took positions in AZPN, UA, ALXN, FB, MTW, and WYNN. Getting signals to enter “cool” stocks like FB and UA will make following the fund a lot of fun.

Despite crashing through the 100-day average in the middle of this week, the SPY closed back above that line following big gains on Thursday and Friday. That was a moot point though, because the only stocks that passed the entry criteria were WYNN, UA, and FB. Since the fund already holds all three of those, there are no new additions this week.

Here are the current holdings of the DTAYS Quantitative Growth Fund: