Trader – Paul Tudor Jones Documentary

I just finished watching Trader, a documentary on Paul Tudor Jones. The entire hour long documentary was facinating. I was able to pick out alot of the concepts I have been studying in his market philosophy. It was very interesting and certainly worth watching.

One thing I realized that I didn’t like was his fast paced, screaming, stressful trading style. Although screaming into multiple phones at the same time is one of the reasons I became interested in the stock market, I have evolved to a point where that is the last thing in the world that I want to do. I would imagine that most of the screaming and phones are due to the fact that this was filmed before the internet was widely used. I suspect that he wouldn’t even use the phone today with access to quotes and buy/sell options online.

I generally prefer to envision myself completely relaxed, trading from my newly remodeled kitchen or a beach somewhere in Mexico. What is interesting here is despite a difference in style, we do have alot of similarities as far as market philosophy. That is certainly encouraging seeing as he’s made a fortune and I have proven nothing. Hopefully that demonstrates that I am on the right path.