Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple

I just finished Trade Like an O’Neil Disciple by Gil Morales & Dr. Chris Kacher. This books really packs a punch. It starts out simple enough, describing basic pillars of the CANSLIM strategy. Then it dives deep into some brand new concepts including Pocket Pivot Points, a deeper look into Selling Short and a deep analysis on Market Direction. After this in depth section, the authors close with ten basic commandments to trade like Bill O’Neil and then discuss some interesting trading psychology topics. There is a lot to digest in this book!

Probably my favorite part of this book is that the authors give first hand accounts of their experiences trading for and with Bill O’Neil. It is¬†fascinating the way they describe how they interact with him and some of the quick one-liners they quote him as saying. It was interesting on both sides of the coin, too. There is a chapter detailing their failures and Bill’s criticism of them and a chapter documenting their huge victories and his calm responses. I felt as though this really gave me an insight into how both authors and O’Neil himself think before, during, and after a trade.

The only thing negative I can say about this book is that some of the detailed sections in the middle are a little dry. The analyis is very, very detailed. This was tough to get through, but it is also extremely interesting. There’s just a LOT of new information. The authors are definately NOT just presenting O’Neil’s book in different format. I feel they do a very nice job of expanding on his work.

The book also does a great job of inspiring and reinforces the idea that anyone can learn to trade successfully if they put in the proper amount of time and effort. It has certainly encouraged me to step up my efforts both in daily analysis and deeper study. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed How to Make Money in Stocks.