The Trader You Were Meant To Be


pressfieldLate at night have you experienced a vision of the person you might become, the work you could accomplish, the realized being you were meant to be? – Steven Pressfield

Pressfield talks about the unlived life. The life you should be living. If you are reading this, you probably believe that somewhere inside of you is a successful trader.

What’s stopping you from achieving that vision? According to Pressfield, it’s The Resistance.

He describes The Resistance as the enemy that is right in front of our faces. Many of us go through life completely oblivious to its existence.

For many people, the only way they will ever confront The Resistance is when they come face to face with their own mortality. At that point, it is already too late for a trader. We have to defeat The Resistance in time to start compounding returns.

The problem is that The Resistance can be very elusive. It’s much easier to convince ourselves that we need a better indicator or a more optimized strategy than it is to confront what is actually holding us back. It’s easier to blame the current market environment than it is to take responsibility for our losses.

Are you making excuses for your trading results? Do you catch yourself putting off doing the actual day-to-day homework that your trading strategy requires?

Where is The Resistance hiding in your trading? How is it holding you back from becoming the trader you were meant to be?