The Reason WHY We Trade

why trading

We both agree that Black Irish is about waging the inner war no matter the exigencies of everyday life. It’s about Getting in the Ring and fighting for truth and authenticity within. The hardest thing in the world is to be yourself. And all of our books have to thematically contend with that reality.

-Shawn Coyne

This is from a guest post by Shawn Coyne that was published yesterday on Steven Pressfield’s blog. Shawn and Steve have a publishing company called Black Irish, which is what he is referencing in the quote.

The post Coyne wrote breaks down the fact that the reason why you do something is the most critical part of doing it. WHAT you actually do, and HOW you do it is almost insignificant compared to WHY you do whatever it is that you do.

I thought this was just going to be another interesting post in the mini series Pressfield has been publishing about the creative process behind his latest book. However, this one paragraph at the end really stood up and smacked me in the face.

The way Coyne describes the WHY behind their publishing company struck a chord with me. That is exactly how I feel about trading.

At it’s core, trading has very little to do with the specific details of your approach (the WHAT) and it has even less to do with the workflow you use to apply that approach (the HOW).

Trading is about fighting through internal struggles, despite whatever may be going on in the outside world. It’s about finding a focused version of yourself amidst a world full of chaos.

It’s about putting yourself out there to either be right or wrong and being prepared to deal with the consequences either way. It’s about being honest with yourself, no matter what you say or hear from the people around you.

Coyne says that the hardest thing in the world is to be yourself. As a trader, that is the only way to be successful. You’ll never trade successfully if you are trying to be something or someone you’re not.

At the end of the day, the WHAT and HOW of your trading approach are insignificant. All that really matters is the WHY.

Why are you trading?