Holding Out For The Perfect Trading Strategy

trading strategy

trading strategyI have an idea for what I believe could be a very successful business. It would take almost no up-front investment to get it started. It would be cash flow positive from the very first sale. Profits would scale 1-1 with revenue, and there would be almost no limit to the growth potential.

The problem is that I simply don’t have the time right now to get the thing up and running. Between my day job running a restaurant and banquet facility, my freelance writing work, and my Amazon selling, I am pretty short on time. I just don’t have the hours to get this thing going.

That’s why I tried three different times in the past week to give this idea to friends. Each person I pitched the idea to loved it, and each of them had the business acumen to make a go of it. All I asked for in return was the opportunity to sell their product as an affiliate. But none of them are going to take the idea and run with it.

One of my friends believes that he will be overcome with passion when his great idea finally hits him. He’s already passed on dozens of good ideas.¬†Another friend told me he would rather be a small investor in a project than actually be the one doing the leg work. None of them are interested in actually doing the hard work.

This is the same problem that holds back countless traders. I’ve seen quite a few people ignore strategies that were perfectly fine while holding out for a perfect one. There is also no shortage of people looking to invest their money with the next great hedge fund manager (these are the same types of people who gave their money to Bernie Madoff and MF Global).

So many traders are more interested in the idea of success than the actual grind of doing the work that is required. Having a good idea is important, but it takes some serious hard work to make even the best ideas pay off. Are you willing to do the work?