The Little Book of Trading – Michael Covel

I just finished reading Michael Covel’s newest book, The Little Book of Trading. It falls right in line with his other works. Not as impressive as Trend Following or The Complete Turtle Trader, but slightly more interesting than Trend Commandments. Basically it’s the same information in a different format…..which is not a bad thing as far as I’m concerned. So far in my trading career I feel that the more angles I can look at the basic Trend Following principles from, the better I am able to grasp, digest, and internalize them.

Covel spends each chapter discussing a different Trend Trader. I found the most interesting parts to be the stories of how these famous Trend Followers got their starts. Those kinds of sections are extremely inspirational to someone in my shoes just starting out with only a couple thousand dollars in an account and almost no experience. It really makes this whole thing possible.

Basically, there’s nothing in this book that isn’t in one of Covel’s other books or on Wikipedia, but in traditional Covel fashion, he takes this same information and uses his fantastic style and attitude to package it in a way you haven’t experienced. If you liked his previous books, you probably already read this one. If you haven’t read any of his books, start with Trend Following and read them all.