QG Fund Update: Time For A Vacation


This was a rough week for anyone holding long stock positions. The market got hurt pretty badly, and many growth stocks really got beat up. The QG Fund was not able to magically avoid this carnage. It took a pretty big hit this week too. But that's ok. If it weren't for weeks like this, trading stocks would be easy and everyone would be good at it. One of the things I … [Read more...]

QG Fund Update: Still Not Overreacting


You know the crazy guy on just about every sitcom that overreacts to just about everything? Don't be that guy. This seems like about the eighth week in a row that I have sat down to write the QG Fund Update on a Saturday night and wondered why everyone was either panicking or jumping up and down screaming about going to the moon. Everyone needs to relax. This past week … [Read more...]

QG Fund Update: Sitting Tight Through a Roller Coaster Week


This was another one of those weeks that tested the spirit of many traders. With a bad day Tuesday followed by a good day Wednesday followed by a really bad day Thursday followed by a big bounce back on Friday, it would be easy to understand why any trader might want to throw in the towel. The beauty of having a rules-based approach to trading is that I wasn't forced to make … [Read more...]

The Market Top is Here! Get Out Now!


Just kidding. Look, it was a shitty week. It happens. The SPY is still WAY above its 10-day moving average. It also recovered from its lows on Thursday and then put in a nice gain on Friday. The beauty of the QG Fund is that even if I really did think that the market was topping out, my opinion doesn't have any influence on the fund. It just follows rules that have a … [Read more...]

QG Fund Update: 3 Months of Beating The Market


On March 30 of this year, I wrote a post about how I planned to implement the rest of the changes that were recommended by Cesar Alvarez after he did some backtesting of the QG Fund. At that point, the fund had a total value of $94, 749.49. According to Yahoo! Finance, the S&P 500 had a value of 1857.62. Since then, the DTAYS QG Fund has produced a return of 13.56%, … [Read more...]