When Trading Feels Like a Train Wreck


The end of this week felt a lot like what I imagine a train wreck feels like. It hurt. Each of the four portfolios lost serious ground this week. That makes this post no a whole lot of fun to write. Basically, it makes you want to quit trading altogether and find some other way to make money. Perhaps one of those creative pyramid schemes I keep hearing about... That's the … [Read more...]

Don’t Jump! Calmly Responding To Market Action

stock collapse

This was a difficult week for stocks in general, but it was an incredibly difficult week if you owned one of the stocks like NUS or QIWI that got slaughtered by the market. Losses that run far into double digits can force traders to question the legitimacy of their strategy. I ran into some of those feelings this week as I watched both NUS and QIWI eat through profits that … [Read more...]

The Nu SKin Debacle $NUS

nu skin nus

If you follow individual growth stocks, you probably noticed that Nu Skin (NUS) got slaughtered over the past two days. The stock had been a strong part of the Weekend IBD Portfolio, and has been growing consistently for over a year. The huge drop in price is apparently the result of a Chinese investigation that is accusing the company of being an illegal pyramid scheme. I … [Read more...]

Portfolios Update: Making Money By Sitting Tight

making money

“It was never my thinking that made the big money for me, it always was sitting.” - Jesse Livermore That pretty much sums up each of my four test portfolios this weekend. Once again, there wasn't a single transaction to be made in any of them. I basically just sat around all week watching the numbers flash. One interesting aspect of that is that the market seemed a lot … [Read more...]

Portfolios Update: Changing Platforms

trading platforms

2014 is here and the trading is live. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean that we have to be trading. The four longer-term trend following strategies I've been tracking combined for a total of ZERO transactions this week. While there were no changes in any of the portfolios, there was one major change in the platform I am using to track these strategies. The end of 2013 … [Read more...]