Avoiding the Crashing Waterfall


"You are always the one steering the canoe, however. Sometimes on the white-water-rapids course it is both relaxing and exhilarating to be swept along by the swells, oars at rest, watching the scenery and marveling at the ease of it all. And sometime we must paddle like hell against the current in order to take a fork in the river." -Patricia Ryan Madson At this point in … [Read more...]

Avoiding the Crowd Mentality Trap


"Seizing new ground, making connections between people or ideas, working without a map - these are works of art, and if you do them, you are an artist, regardless of whether you wear a smock, use a computer, or work with other all day long." -Seth Godin One of the reasons that I really like The Icarus Deception is that it challenges you to think about art in a different … [Read more...]

The Magic of Successful Trading


"Maugham reckoned another, deeper truth: that by performing the mundane physical act of sitting down and starting to work, he set in motion a mysterious but infallible sequence of events that would produce inspirations, as surely as if the goddess had synchronized her watch with his." -Steven Pressfield Now we are getting to the part in The War of Art where Pressfield … [Read more...]

The First Law of Gold


"Gold cometh gladly and in increasing quantity to any man who will put by not less than one-tenth of his earnings to create an estate for his future and that of his family." - The Richest Man in Babylon As the story of The Richest Man in Babylon continues, we enter a chapter called The Five Laws of Gold. The first law is actually pretty similar to the first cure for a lean … [Read more...]

Stop Trading Like an Amateur


"In my view, the amateur does not love the game enough. If he did, he would not pursue it as a sideline, distinct from his 'real' vocation." -Steven Pressfield This is one of those quotes that make you really take a minute and think about how committed you are to trading success. Pressfield explains that many people believe that the amateur does something because of his love … [Read more...]