How To Survive Drawdowns & Depression

survive drawdown

survive drawdownAnd so, if you’re struggling with a setback today, know that you’re not alone. I’m there with you, struggling, so that we can do it together. And it will pass. We’ll get through. And this getting through: it’s making us stronger. It’s worth it.

Those incredibly inspiring words came from a post called Coming Back From a Setback by Leo Babauta from zenhabits. It speaks volumes to the difficult time I have been struggling through lately. It gives me hope. A light at the end of a dark tunnel.

The specific setback Leo is talking about in this post is failing to stick to his diet. We can all relate. I just crushed an order of jalapeno poppers, and yesterday I stopped at a place called Wings, Suds, and Spuds on my way back from picking up a week’s worth of paleo meals.

The interesting revelation that Leo makes is that most setbacks create the exact same emotional drain on us. He lists off a number of personal examples he has had to work though, and explains how all of these situations made him feel the same feelings of self-doubt, helplessness, and disappointment.

These are some of the exact feelings that I was attempting to describe when I wrote about how Trading Is Much More Difficult Than You Think. The absence of positive returns in my trading has left me with all of the same feelings that anyone experiencing a temporary setback can relate to.

I am mad that the ideal scenario that I envisioned hasn’t come true. I am doubting whether or not I am wasting my time or whether I am even capable of producing my desired results. I feel completely helpless, and I am mad at myself for having all of these feelings.

Leo’s response to his setback is to embrace the situation, realize that it is temporary, and then find a way to appreciate what he has and attempt to give back to someone else. He’s probably a better man than me, but I’m going to try just the same.

Rather than looking at my current situation as a setback, I need to embrace it. I have come a long way over the past two years. While I may not currently be where I want to be, I need to appreciate the fact that I am on a path that will take me there.

Because I am on a path to this place I want to go, my current location is just a temporary location. I will be moving on. I am not stuck here, so there is no reason to bitch about the furniture.

Leo also recommends that I take time to find gratitude and help other people. On that note, I am grateful for the mentors that I have been able to meet and interact with because of this site. I am also grateful that other people have actually found value and inspiration in some of the things that I have written.

So what’s the bottom line?

It sucks that I’m not where I want to be. Odds are you can relate. But I’m moving towards where I want to be, and in the process I am learning a lot and inspiring other people with my progress. This is definitely worth it.