The Supportive Spouse


resistanceSometimes, if we’re not conscious of our own Resistance, we’ll pick as a mate someone who has or is successfully overcoming Resistance. – Steven Pressfield

Pressfield explains that supporting your spouse in their effort to overcome the Resistance can be a deceptive way of letting the Resistance hold you back. Spending your time worrying about your spouse’s Resistance will allow you to overlook your own.

There is a fine line though. Defeating the Resistance and actually producing results is incredibly difficult on its own. It can be nearly impossible if you are constantly being weighed down by an unsupportive spouse.

Therefore, spouses must be conscious enough to be supportive, without entirely losing themselves to that support. That’s tricky.

When it comes to trading, full support from your spouse is essential. The Resistance is going to play mind games with you on many different levels, and there is almost no way to win if your spouse is working for Team Resistance.