Stop Reading Books About How To Trade!


“This book revolves around a simple assumption on my part: that you know how to be human and how to make art. we don’t need to be taught to make art, but sometimes we need permission to do so. Following instructions is overrated.”

-Seth Godin

One of the most popular traps that many traders fall into is the idea that they have to keep reading books about how to trade in order to improve their trading.

In reality, most of these books are simply rehashing the exact same topics that have been covered in hundreds of other books.

Learning how to trade is actually pretty simple:

  • Choose a strategy that makes sense and fits with your personality.
  • Cut your losses.
  • Let your winners run.
  • Don’t break your rules.

That’s all it takes to be a successful trader.

Of course there are plenty of other issues that can come up from time to time, but more often than not those issues are based on psychology, not trading.

You already know how to trade. You don’t need to be taught.

What you need is to give yourself full permission to express yourself artistically through your trading. You won’t need any more instructions.

Photo Credit: rachel_titiriga via Compfight cc