Seeking The Road Map to Galt’s Gulch

Photo Credit: thejourney1972 (South America addicted) via Compfight cc

I’ve been really frustrated with a lot of things lately. I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how I’m not thrilled with the progress I’ve been making on many of my current projects. I’m constantly irritated by the fact that I work as hard as I do and still can’t seem to really get ahead.

As I finished reading Atlas Shrugged on Monday night, I was surprised to find that my initial reaction was disappointment. I wanted more. I wanted a guide on how to endure living through this shit. I wanted something to help me cope with the aggravation of government waste and foolish people in general.

What I really wanted was a road map to Galt’s Gulch. I wanted to get away from this insane world and get myself to a place where things are rational. One of my favorite things to do when I get frustrated like this is to imagine how much better life would be if I just dropped everything and moved to southeast Asia.

After receiving another big pile of mail from different state agencies with more bureaucratic bullshit for me to fight through, I vented my frustration on twitter yesterday morning suggesting that Michael Covel has been making southeast Asia sound a lot like Galt’s Gulch.

His response completely changed my perspective:


Galt’s Gulch is a state of mind.

That simple idea spoke to me on so many different levels. I don’t need to physically go anywhere to experience the freedom of Galt’s Gulch. Hell, John Galt himself didn’t even live there. 

Think about the 12 years Galt spent living in a shithole slum apartment working as a bottom level laborer for a shitty company that was run by an asshole. All of that time, he was playing a part while on their time and then creating on his own time. He went to Galt’s Gulch in his mind.

That means that I am wasting my time trying to psysically get to Galt’s Gulch. I already go there every single morning from 6-9 am. Then I get to go back most nights from 10-midnight. That is my time to create. That is my time to be free. That is my trip to Galt’s Gulch.

Regardless of what happens to my while I am at work, I almost always get my morning time to myself. Focusing on the state of mind that time puts me into is all I need to get through the tough times. No matter what the rest of my life looks like, I always have that time to focus on my passion. I still get to spend that time in Galt’s Gulch.

I can’t thank Covel enough for helping me recognize this simple concept.