Rough Distribution Day

Today was brutal. Stocks got crushed across the board. BBBY was down 17%. ALGN was down almost 5%.

I’m in a GREAT mood.

I am perfectly comfortable knowing that none of today’s action means anything with respect to my or my system’s ability to be profitable long tern. The market could bounce right back tomorrow. It could also crash further tomorrow. Regardless of what it does, I have already played my hand and whatever comes of it is fine with me.

It’s very refreshing to feel this way. I generally get very upset when a position starts to go against me, but lately I’m more interested in learning as much as I can as opposed to what my current year to date profit is. Basically, I’m 28 years old. That means I can lose money for the next 12 years or even longer and still have a successful career after that.

Slowly but surely, I am finding the mindset that I see described in so many trading books.