Resistance Will Not Stop, Ever


resistanceResistance is like the Alien or the Terminator or the shark in Jaws. It cannot be reasoned with. It understands nothing but power. – Steven Pressfield

One of the things that always stands out when watching the Terminator movies is the unrelenting obsession of the Terminator robots to complete their objective. Whether the goal was to kill Sarah Connor, the young John Connor, or the older John Connor, the robots fought relentlessly to complete their objective.

Resistance works with a similar passion to prevent you from completing your work. No matter how productive you have been or what routines you have in place, Resistance is still going to show up and attempt to convince you that there is a more pressing issue.

For traders, it is worth noting that Resistance becomes even more obsessive about distracting us at the times when we MOST need to focus on our work. During rough patches in trading it can be easy to fall prey to Resistance.

The Terminator of Resistance might tell you that it’s no big deal to put off doing your homework today. It might say something like, “Why bother? There aren’t going to be any new buy signals anytime soon.” Of course, those moments when you give in are EXACTLY when the buy signals that become big winners happen.

Just as John Connor fought against the Terminator robots. Just as Ripley fought against the Aliens. Just as Quint and Brody fought against the great white shark. We must constantly fight against the Resistance.

It will never stop trying to sabotage our work, so we must never stop fighting it.