Resistance Will Sneak Up On You


resistanceResistance cannot be seen, touched, heard, or smelled. But it can be felt. – Steven Pressfield

The tricky thing about Resistance is that it will distract you from accomplishing your goals well before you ever realize it is there. You won’t see it. You can’t touch it. It won’t make a sound. You surely won’t smell it.

The only way you know that Resistance is present is usually when it is already too late. The most common way to identify Resistance is after it has accomplished its mission of distracting you from your work.

For traders, this sneaky Resistance can take some very deceptive forms. It might show up in the form of watching CNBC. It might show up in the form of a Google search. If you are an end-of-day data trader, Resistance might show up in the form of Netflix and convince you to put off your end of day work until the following morning.

Regardless of the form that Resistance takes to hold you back from your trading, you won’t be able to detect it until it is too late unless you are constantly guarding against it.

You will have to learn what forms Resistance is going to take to distract you from your trading.

For me, resistance shows up in the form of a demanding day-job. After working an 18+ hour day, sitting down to check my trading system is the last thing I usually want to do. Resistance always provides me with plenty of alternatives. Sports and beer always seem more inviting.

My job is to fight through that Resistance and do my homework every single day.