Resistance is a One-Way Street

one way

one wayIt kicks in when we seek to pursue a calling in the arts, launch an innovative enterprise, or evolve to a higher station morally, ethically, or spiritually. – Steve Pressfield

In other words, Resistance only holds us back from bettering ourselves. It takes no issue with us when we are lazy and lack motivation. It only shows up when we attempt to build or create something new.

From the perspective of trading, Resistance isn’t concerned with people who are looking to make easy money. It doesn’t hassle traders looking for hot tips, and it won’t bother traders who buy and hold index funds.

They are destined for failure on their own, so Resistance doesn’t need to waste its time on them. Resistance only concerns itself with traders who attempt to achieve above average returns. 

Once you cross into the spectrum of doing your own homework and creating your own methods of trading, Resistance is far more likely to show up. If you reject the common advice that your “investment guy” is giving you, Resistance will pop into your head to remind you that he’s been doing this a lot longer than you have.

However, if you decide that doing your own work is too time consuming and elect to blindly follow Jim Cramer’s stock picks, Resistance won’t argue. It might even encourage you.

The only goal of the Resistance is to prevent you from evolving. It wants you to fail. If you put yourself on a path toward failure, it’s not going to stop you.

On the other hand, if you feel the Resistance trying to slow you down, you know you are headed in the right direction. Resistance only bothers with traders who are pushing to evolve their approach to the market.