The Resistance Creates Drama

the resistance

the resistanceCreating soap opera in our lives is a symptom of Resistance. Why put in years of work designing a new software interface when you can get just as much attention by bringing home a boyfriend with a prison record? – Steven Pressfield

We all know people who seem to constantly have drama in their lives. In my line of work, I run into more than my fair share of these types of people both as customers and employees. (If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant, you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.) That is how the Resistance controls them.

Traders tend to entertain drama in different ways than line cooks and bartenders do. Where my young bartenders get drunk at karaoke night and end up pregnant, my trader friends prefer the drama of trading the news, buying the dips, and overtrading.

While these are quite different levels of drama on the surface, they are both rooted in Resistance. The young girl with the prison record boyfriend, the bartender who is now expecting, and the trader who blew up his account listening to Cramerica are all looking for easy attention. None of them are willing to fight the resistance to actually earn that attention.

Are you putting in the honest effort to achieve success in your trading, or are you letting the Resistance create drama that allows you to distract yourself from the actual work? Only one option leads to profits.