Rationalizing Your Excuses


“Rationalization is Resistance’s right-hand man. Its job is to keep us from feeling the shame we would feel if we truly faced what cowards we are for not doing our work.”

- Steven Pressfield

Tonight was a bad night.

Two cases of wings from our supplier were bad, so we ran out of wings on wing night.

Then the urinal got stuck in the on position and overflowed, completely flooding the men’s room and the storage room next to it.

After an hour of mopping up urinal water, pretty much every part of me said, “fuck it, skip tomorrow’s post.”

That’s rationalization at its finest.

The more I write in this style, the more I realize that trading, art, and life are all basically derived from the same monster. That means that the same rules apply to all of them. If we can figure out trading, we can figure out life. If we can figure out life, we can figure out trading.

I’m not very good at either.

But I did beat the Resistance and my rationalization tonight. Will you beat the bullshit you try to rationalize tomorrow?

Photo Credit: DaveCrosby via Compfight cc