The Quantitative Growth Fund Test Drive

quantitative growth fund

quantitative growth fundThe first week trading the DTAYS Quantitative Growth Fund was supposed to be boring. I only had six positions. How crazy could things possibly get?

The week started out with the QG Fund establishing its first six positions in AMBA, DDD, MA, SLXP, SSYS, and WYNN. Of course, both of the 3D printing stocks got hit hard on Monday, so the fund was off to a rocky start on that note. Luckily, they recouped most of those losses to finish the week just slightly down.

AMBA, on the other hand, started off the week just fine. Then it was downgraded on Wednesday and things started to get ugly. After another down day on Thursday, the stock was sitting just pennies above my 8% initial stop. Despite the fact that things didn’t look good, I didn’t want to break the rules in week one, so I let it go because it didn’t close below the stop. That gave me the privilege of watching it tank even further on Friday leaving me with a loss of over 15% on the position.

On the bright side, the QG Fund had a really nice week from WYNN, which was up almost 5% from where the fund purchased it on Monday.

Then I deleted everything…..

As I was doing my weekend screening and entering the new positions for the coming week, I noticed that the portfolio was holding almost $10,000 worth of AMBA. How on earth did i make that mistake? After about 45 minutes of trying to figure out the account statement, I saw that there was a position adjustment that doubled the size of the AMBA position on Monday night. Whoops. My bad.

Obviously that was just a technical error on my part, so I tried to figure out how to delete it. That didn’t work. In my effort to eliminate one “position adjustment” that I shouldn’t have been able to make in the first place, I ended up wiping out the entire portfolio. Shit.

Let’s do it for real this time!

Since I basically wiped out everything, the best option at that point was to simply start over.

This obviously works in my favor because the fund had a bad first week. There’s no denying that. But there’s also not really a better solution out there, so that’s what I’m going with.

Because I am starting from scratch, I put in orders to purchase each of the 19 IBD 50 stocks that meet the Quantitative Growth Fund entry criteria this weekend. Once those orders go through on Monday morning I will have a second shot at running a live portfolio. I know not to screw around with the “adjust position” button this time.