QG Fund Update: Time For A Vacation


This was a rough week for anyone holding long stock positions. The market got hurt pretty badly, and many growth stocks really got beat up.

The QG Fund was not able to magically avoid this carnage. It took a pretty big hit this week too. But that’s ok. If it weren’t for weeks like this, trading stocks would be easy and everyone would be good at it.

One of the things I really liked about the Jesse Livermore books is how he would just walk away from the market and go on vacation when things weren’t going well for him.

It just so happens that I already had a vacation planned for the coming week. Regardless of what happens from here, I’ll be hanging out in a little Cape Cod beach house reading books that have nothing to do with trading (although I’m sure I will find some parallels).

I will still be checking the QG Fund each day, but will probably not maintain my regular writing schedule. I’ll be back in full force next week.

Overall Performance

The QG Fund dropped to a value of $105,410.35 this week, which represents a return of 5.41% on the year. The S&P 500 suffered a similar fate, and it is now sitting on a return of 5.09% for the year.

Here is what the individual holdings look like this weekend:


Entries & Exits

Despite all the big red numbers this week, none of the QG Fund positions signalled exits. Many of them are getting dangerously close though.

The SPY is still just a touch above its 100-day moving average, so ┬áthe fund is actually still in buy mode. If it had room for another position, this is what a scan for new 20-week highs on this weekend’s IBD 50 would produce:


As you can see, there are three stocks that make the list, but all three fail to meet our ROC requirement. That means that there are zero possible new positions for the QG Fund this weekend.

Enjoy your week!

Photo Credit: Kyle Hovey via Compfight cc