QG Fund Update: To Infinity & Beyond!

quantitative growth

quantitative growthThis was a really fun week to be trading the Don’t Talk About Your Stocks Quantitative Growth Fund. I guess “trading” probably isn’t the right word, because I didn’t enter a single transaction all week. I just sat and watched the numbers tick higher and higher.

There is a great quote from Jesse Livermore that everyone likes to use where he says something along the lines of “the big money is made by the sitting.” I had that thought in my head all week as I watched the fund recover all of its previous losses and break into positive territory for the first time.

The performance of the QG fund over the past week got me thinking about another famous quote from an American icon:

“To Infinity…… and Beyond!!!!!” – Buzz Lightyear

Overall Fund Performance

The QG Fund came into this past week with an overall loss of 2.44%. After tremendous performance from almost every one of its holdings, the fund finished the week with a total net asset value of $100,737.94. That means the fund is now up 0.74% for 2014. 

Individual Holdings:

Here are what each of the positions the fund is currently holding look like:


As you can see, the holdings are finally beginning to show some asymmetry. There are four positions that are sitting on double digit returns, and only one of the 17 positions is currently showing a loss.

Entries & Exits

Based on the tremendous week that the fund had, there were no exits to worry about. None of the stocks are even close to either of their stops at the moment. Of course, that could all change Monday morning, and the fund is prepared to handle that situation if it were to occur.

One surprise this weekend was that there are no new entry signals generated. Each of the nine stocks that passed the QG Fund entry criteria are already owned by the fund, so it looks like the last three spots will remain empty for now.

The lack of new entries got me to consider the fact that the IBD 50 doesn’t change as much as I expected. The list is basically the same every weekend, and since the fund already owns the stocks that are performing best on the list, it should not be such a surprise that the same names keep popping up every week. I think this is a positive for the QG Fund because it makes the fund less likely to miss out on big winners.