The Power of Starting to Work


resistanceWhat finally convinced me to go ahead was simply that I was so unhappy not going ahead. I was developing symptoms. As soon as I sat down and began, I was okay. – Steven Pressfield

In this chapter of The War of Art, Steven Pressfield is talking about how the Resistance tried to trick him into not writing the book. He almost fell for it because it made such a good argument. That’s scary.

This dude has been successfully fighting the Resistance for a long time, and apparently even he is still susceptible. That means I don’t have much of a chance at all. Better get prepared.

The last sentence is the key to winning the battle against the Resistance. You just have to start working.

You are going to feel overmatched at times in your trading. The Resistance is going to try to convince you that you are trading the wrong strategy. The only way to beat it is to stick to your guns and do your work. Everyday.