O’Neil Article – Netflix

I found the second installment of O’Neil’s new weekly article to be quite disappointing. Once again he spent more than three quarters of the article discussing what he plans to discuss. Then, in the last paragraph he lists the stock’s fundamentals at the time of the first breakout. I think the chart itself is informational, and his notes are priceless, but I expected him to use the written article to discuss these notes. For example, I could really use some more clarification on why he didn’t sell when the stocks closed multiple weeks below its 10-Week line. I understand his note about volume, however it would have been a whole lot more difficult to make that decision in the moment. It’s much easier looking back now.

I am going to continue with my original plan to make a binder of all of these articles to use as examples, but I kind of feel like I’ve already seen the first two in a bunch of other books. I just expected more elaboration on the thought process.