This Is About More Than Just Profitable Trading


“A revolution is here, our revolution, and it is shining a light on what we’ve known deep down for a long time – you are capable of making a difference, of being bold, and of changing more than you are willing to admit. You are capable of making art.”

- Seth Godin

This blog had evolved right along with me over the past few years. It started as a way for me to track my thoughts on CANSLIM investing. Then it became a beginners guide to systematic trading. Then it evolved into a case study on the trading strategy I built.

As of late, it has become a creative outlet for me to discuss how I apply many of the same principles that great traders discuss in everyday life. It has also led to the creation of my rapidly growing Amazon business and the now defunct Baseball Fund.

The things I talk about now are probably not very interesting to someone who is just looking for a quick way to make a few bucks in the market. That’s fine, I’m not writing for them.

The people I am writing for are the ones who understand that successful trading is only one portion of a complete life. That life might include any number of other things, but there are certain constants that will run through all of those things.

Those constants are the same principles that all great traders abide by. They are the concepts discussed in the Market Wizards books. They are the concepts that every single person Mike Covel interviews on his podcast follow. They are truths.

So where does that leave us?

It leaves us talking about life and trading in the same way that Seth Godin and Steven Pressfield talk about art. As traders, we are free to create our own unique version of what success means for us. We are free to build our own futures, just as the painter is free to do whatever he chooses with his canvas.

But that freedom can be incredibly overwhelming if we aren’t prepared for it. It’s no secret that I am scared to death of success. I work constantly towards this vision in my head, yet I have no idea how I will react when it becomes real. But I have to prepare myself for it.

We have to be ready to handle success, in both trading and life. We have to be willing to make a difference. We must be willing to be bold. We have to create art.

Photo Credit: ToniVC via Compfight cc