Monday Recap

The major indexes finished mixed, but no more than .3% in either direction. Volume was lower, making the impact even less significant.

$ALXN broke out of it’s newly established 3 Weeks Tight pattern. This is definately buyable for an add on to a current position, but I don’t have a current position, so that doesn’t do me any good. If I was sitting in mostly cash and the distribution day count was a little lower I would jump into this here, but since I have two positions already and the distribution count is up I’m going to watch this breakout from the sideline. I am very curious to see how it plays out though.

I was slightly concerned about $BEAV this morning as it opened way down on big volume, but it came back all day and finished with below average volume. I should probably stop worrying so much about intraday quotes.

My other holding, $PCLN finished up a bit in light volume. Nothing significant there. All in all this was a pretty boring day.