Mark Minervini’s Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard

mark minervini

mark minerviniFull Disclosure: Mark Minervini’s Marketing Manager offered to send me a free copy of his book for me to read and write about it.

Of course, I told him that sending the book wasn’t necessary because it was already sitting on my desk. I had purchased it after listening to the glowing review Michael Lamothe from gave it when I interviewed him. Mike is one of the smartest guys I know, so his endorsement was plenty good enough for me.

Since I didn’t accept the free copy, I am under no obligation to write anything about the book at all. I am certainly not obligated to write a good review, and I really didn’t even have to read the book. Yet, here we are……

My Experience with the Book:

With an eight day vacation in Jamaica quickly approaching, I needed to decide which books to bring for what would be a minimum of 8 hours of reading and studying on each of those days (seriously, that’s how I relax). I wanted to take at least one market-related book, and Minervini’s had been starting at me from across my desk for months.

I don’t know Mark very well, so I wasn’t sure what to expect from his book. For all I knew, it could have been way over my head or completely worthless. Neither was the case.

What Mark has done with Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard is combine all of the trading knowledge from some of the greatest traders of all time and present it in an easy to digest format with his own brilliantly creative style. The book covers all aspects of investing in growth stocks including entry points, fundamentals, technical analysis, trends, leading stocks, and two excellent chapters on risk management.

In addition to containing a wealth of information in a neatly organized format, Minervini writes in a style that makes you want to hang out with him. He’s a cool dude.

The book hooked me from the beginning when chapter one was titled “An Introduction Worth Reading.” In that chapter, Minervini tells his story and emphasizes that anyone can be successful in trading if they work hard enough. The inspiration in that chapter alone was worth the price of the book.

In my opinion, Trade Like a Stock Market Wizard ranks right up there with the best trading books of all time. I intend to used the book continually as a reference and reminder why I chose to trade growth stocks.