Looking for Trouble


resistanceAnything that draws attention to ourselves through pain-free or artificial means is a manifestation of Resistance. – Steven Pressfield

Remember that one kid in elementary school that was an asshole just because the negative attention he got was better than no attention at all? We are all susceptible to acting the same way at times. This is Resistance at its finest.

Pressfield illustrates this point using a wide variety of examples from sleeping with coworkers to drinking, drugs, and screwing up in general. All of these forms of self-sabotage are rooted in the Resistance. We do them in order to avoid doing actual work that matters.

This type of self-sabotage can be deadly for traders. With the high stakes and financial implications involved with trading, as well as the general day-to-day stress, it can be easy to allow trouble to enter our lives as a temporary distraction. Once rooted, that temporary distraction is likely to evolve into a permanent disaster.

The key to avoiding that disaster is to never let it take root. We must constantly be on guard against all of the negative influences that the Resistance will place in our paths.

Pressfield explains that a working artist has no time for trouble and refuses to be distracted by it. He says that great artists take the urge to seek trouble and channel that energy into creating great work.

As traders, we need to have the same focus. We need to channel our desire for distraction into a laser focus on our approach to and study of our trading.