Lessons From the Greatest Stock Traders of All Time


This week’s Book of the Week is Lessons From the Greatest Stock Traders of All Time by John Boik. This is the first of three books in which Boik studies the history of the stock market and analyzes the biggest winners and the stocks that landed them their big wins. This book gives short trading histories for five of the most famous traders of all time: Jesse Livermore, Bernard Baruch, Nicolas Darvas, Gerald Loeb, William O’Neil.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call this a complete history on each of these traders, but I think that Boik does an excellent job of providing a quick glimpse into the lives of five different traders in five different time periods and illustrating the similarities between each of their styles. I found it particularly interesting to note how O’Neil, who I am most familiar with, derived much of his strategies from these traders who came before him.

I find the history of the stock market to be very interesting, but often quite dry. I think Boik does a great job of highlighting the exciting trades and quickly glossing over the dry periods. This book is definitely a great introduction to these legendary traders that will likely encourage you to read each of their books.