Improv Trading is Going to be Fun


“Improvising invites us to lighten up and look around. It offers an alternative to the controlling way many of us try to lead our lives.”

-Patricia Ryan Madson

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t completely sold on the idea that I could take a book that I’d never read on improv and relate it to trading. Funny thing is that I “said yes” and jumped in anyways.

As I make my way through the prologue, it is interesting how obvious the connection actually is.

The book is suggesting that many of us live our lives with a overwhelming urge to control everything the way a script controls all aspects of a performance.

Many of us have found that trading that way just doesn’t work. Without fail, the market is going to go off-script. If all we know is how to handle what we expected to happen, our accounts are doomed.

However, if we are schooled in the art of making something out of nothing, we might have a chance. If we learn how to relax and take whatever shit the world throws at us, we might be able to operate in today’s market environment.

So here we are, two posts into this interesting book, and I’ve already done a complete 180. I went from not being sure this junk would actually relate to buying in to the idea that this is the out-side-the-box training that we absolutely need to be successful.

Improv is going to be really fun.

Photo Credit: Daniele Zanni via Compfight cc