I’m Really Lazy About This BLOG

It’s not just the blog. It’s the entire market. For some reason I just can’t get motivated to even read the paper in the morning.

Some of it is due to the correction. I find “refining your watchlist” during a correction to be incredibly boring. I also find that my attention span is far shorter when I am sitting in cash.

Some of it is due to my hectic schedule. Between being understaffed at work, planning a wedding, planning to be married, renovating a kitchen, training for a marathon (I quit last week), and my assortment of other personal hobbies, I just don’t have the time lately to focus on the market. That’s an awful excuse.


I think it will be helpful for me to finally get my head back from vacation and get back into a routine. As I was listening to Saturday’s IBD Radio show today I began to get some ideas to help with that. IBD is making a bunch of changes to the paper starting on Wednesday. I think the timing of that is perfect for me to get back into the groove.

One of the changes is a new weekly column written by Bill O’Neil himself. I’m thinking this will make a great topic each week for a regular post. They are also going to be updating the IBD 50 twice a week, so once I understand more about that I will resume my IBD 50 Analysis columns. I think my biggest problem is sitting down to write without a ¬†general plan in mind. The new plan will be to allow IBD to give me that plan.

In doing some general brainstorming, I’m sure I could write a post each week about the IBD 50, the Big Cap 20, the Weekly Review or a Review of how the IBD 50 did, the Saturday radio show, and the new O’Neil Column. This would give me a base to work from where I could still filter in various book reviews, my personal trade analysis, my personal financial progress, and anything else I dream up.

Here’s to hoping for the best!