How To Achieve Your Goals

Photo Credit: Northridge Alumni Bear Facts via Compfight cc

I started my Amazon selling like I do everything here, as an experiment. Like any good scientist, I have spend a few months now looking for reasons that this won’t work as a long-term money making strategy. I have yet to prove that. In fact, I am more convinced now than when I started that this idea really has legs.

I have made no effort to keep my growing Amazon business a secret. In fact, I have made it a point to tell as many people as will listen about this cool little business idea that anyone could start with a couple hundred bucks and an iPhone. Despite my shameless advertising for Amazon FBA selling, not one single person has jumped in to try this with me.

amazonsalesOver the past 30 days, I have made 152 sales for a total of $3,251.54. My average profit is about 30% of the sale price, so that means I’m making about a grand per month, and I’m just getting started. I am getting better and better every week at learning to spot things that will sell quick and avoiding things that won’t.

I know for a fact that I can almost instantly double my money on every 9×13 Pyrex baking dish that I can score from Big Lots for $6.36. I’ve bought out three different stores.

I have also started to step up my game from $4-5 items that sell for $10-15 into  $20-30 items that sell for closer to $100. These items scared the shit out of me a few weeks ago, but as my sales keep growing, I am beginning to see larger ticket items as my best chance to maximize return on my time.

If the business continues to grow at this rate, there is a reasonable chance that it could become a serious cash machine that fuels my trading and provides financial stability for years to come. Yet no one else that I have talked to about this has even opened an account.

I saw a similar phenomenon when I started working as a freelance writer a little over a year ago. I made it a point to tell everyone I came in contact with how cool it was that I was getting paid legit money to be creative and write about things like gambling and personal finance (not at the same time). Of all the people I have pitched freelance writing too in the past year, a total of one person has taken the ball and run with it.

I think this speaks to a larger problem with people in general. I have talked with hundreds of people who have the required skill sets to be successful at writing or Amazon selling, and most of them could really use the extra income…..yet none of them jump at the chance. They all just nod their heads and then offer up poor excuses for why the timing isn’t right for them.


If you want to do something significant, you have to sacrifice to make it happen. You have to get your ass off the couch and push forward when everything in your body says to quit. You have to want it more than you want to relax on a Sunday afternoon. You have to want it more than you want an extra hour of sleep.

Whether you are striving for success in business, trading, or any other aspect of life, it isn’t going to come easy. You are going to have to bust your ass to get there. There are some exceptions out there, but you almost certainly aren’t going to be one of them. Stop dreaming and get to work.