Guitar Playing & Trading


I’ve been dabbling with playing guitar on and off for the past 15 years. I have a hard time finding time to practice, so I’m still not very good.

But then again, the music industry is filled with people who aren’t technically very good. They¬†said that Bob Dylan couldn’t sing.

Despite my complete lack of ability and limited musical knowledge, I feel fairly convinced that there is a solid album buried somewhere in my head fighting to get out. It’s something that I really want to pursue.

As I have begun the consider putting together an album, I have realized that it is a lot like putting together a trading strategy. If you allow yourself, it is quite easy to get completely lost in the research and never bother to actually DO anything at all.

It’s also pretty easy to convince yourself that you’re never going to be able to make The Joshua Tree, so why even bother getting started. You’re not good enough to know what you’re doing anyways.

In a similar fashion, aspiring traders can get lost studying the greats like Livermore and Darvas, then realize that they will never be able to replicate the success of William O’Neil, so why bother.

That type of defeated attitude is exactly what real traders prove to be false every single day. With that in mind, I am officially starting work on my first studio album.

It might take ten years to make (like Chinese Democracy), but I’m going to schedule regular time to work on it as a creative outlet for myself. It will probably suck, but at least it will exist.

Likewise, if you’re considering learning more about trading and are intimidated to compete against people with a lifetime of knowledge and experience, you might suck too. But at least you’ll be working on it. Getting better with every trade.

Maybe you’ve never read an income statement or backtesting results before. Well, I’ve never written a lyric before. Let’s get started.