Green Light – Get Started – Do The Work


I hadn’t written anything good. It might be years before I would, if I ever did at all. That didn’t matter. What counted was that I had, after years of running from it, actually sat down and done my work.

-Steven Pressfield

In this chapter, Pressfield is talking about one of the lowest points of his life. He was working as a cab driver and living in a cheap apartment in New York City. Nothing was going his way and he was running from the work he felt called to do.

At one point he finally gave in and pulled out his typewriter, spending two hours writing something that he immediately trashed. Despite the fact that he had written something that wasn’t anywhere near good, he found that he was finally at ease with himself because he had at least done something.

I did this with trading for years. Literally years. I made up every excuse in the book as to why I wasn’t ready or how the market was rigged anyways.

Sometime around Christmas of 2013, I had a moment similar to what Pressfield described. I simply asked myself, “If someone was holding a gun to my head and forcing me to trade their money successfully, what would I do?”

My answer, of course, was the first iteration of the QG Fund.

While backtesting has since proved that the original QG Fund would at best mirror the general market, that didn’t matter. It was still a tremendous breakthrough for me psychologically.

It didn’t matter that the strategy had several significant flaws that would eventually be scrapped completely. All that mattered is that I had begun the work of creating my own approah to trading. I was doing the work.

It’s better to take shot and produce garbage than it is to spend your life sitting on the sidelines allowing the Resistance to scare you away from ever trying.

Photo Credit: Voxphoto via Compfight cc