Get A Trading Mentor In Your Head


“Liam gets it. He is already talking about “the Big Seth in my mind.” In other words, everything that he (or anyone) might learn by being up close and personal with Seth, he already knows.

We don’t really need to attend Seth’s seminar, wonderful as it will be.

What we would have come away with, we can come away with on our own.

-Steven Pressfield

Steven Pressfield wrote a blog post last week about his friend Liam, who applied to attend a seminar hosted by Seth Godin this summer. Liam didn’t get picked to go to the seminar.

Despite not being selected to attend, Liam was not deterred. Because he has read so much of Seth’s work, he is already able to make a fairly accurate guess at what advice Seth might give in any day-to-day situation that might arise.

As traders, we can do the same thing with the traders we might aspire to be like.

Perhaps you won’t be able to attend the upcoming conference that Mark Minervini is hosting with David Ryan.  Maybe you just don’t have the budget right now, or it might be due to a scheduling conflict.

While attending the conference would be a tremendous kick in the ass for any trader looking to emulate their styles, you can probably get a pretty good idea of what they are going to be talking about based on all of the books and interviews they have each been featured in.

So even if you can’t get one-on-one time learning from your trading mentor, you can still allow them to mentor you in a virtual sense.

You know what they would tell you if you were holding onto a losing position. You know what they would tell you if you were thinking about taking a tip from a friend. You also know what they would tell you if you were thinking about taking a day off from studying the market.

Whether or not you have ever spoken to your trading mentors, you know what they would say to you. Keep that in the back of your mind as you make decisions every day.

Photo Credit: aaron.knox via Compfight cc