The First 19 QG Fund Stocks

Quantiative Growth Fund

quantitative growth fundThe Don’t Talk About Your Stocks Quantitative Growth Fund kicked of this morning by taking positions in 19 IBD growth stocks that met the fund’s entry criteria.

The day started off really well. At one point just before noon, the fund had already recouped all of the transaction costs from establishing its first 19 positions. But after lunch, things really fell apart for the entire market.

Right from the start, we are going to be on alert for some of these stocks to trip sell signals based on their initial stops. The fund’s P&L sheet is currently showing a loss of 5.2% in BIIB and a loss of 4.5% in MDCO. In addition, SAVE, YNDX, and ALGN are all sitting on 3% losses.

While there wasn’t much on the positive side today, the fund did get into JAZZ before it blasted off on a big day. The P&L also shows profits in SLXP, RGR, ENDP, and EDU.

Of course, this is the first day of what is supposed to be a fund with a reasonably long-term outlook. Therefore, none of this really matters all that much.

With that, here is what the DTAYS Quantiative Growth Fund looks like:

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