Finding a Strategy That Fits Your Time Constraints


In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve dramatically cut back on the amount of posting I’ve been doing on the site over the past month or so. I’ve put together a different project that has tremendous potential and is already delivering results, so my time for writing stock-related posts has dwindled to almost nothing.

Despite not having much time for the market, my trading has not suffered at all. That is because I trade a strategy that was built around the concept that there are some days where I just won’t have time to do much research. How does your strategy mesh with the rest of your schedule and life?

So with that lack of time in mind, here is what happened this past week:

Overall Performance

The DTAYS Quantitative Growth Fund is currently sitting at a value of $108,154.52, which represents a positive return of 8.15% on the year. For comparison purposes, the S&P 500 has posted a positive return of 9.74% for the year, so the QG Fund is just a touch behind.

Since I made some significant changes to the QG Fund at the end of the first quarter of 2014, it is up 14.15% versus only 7.37% for the S&P 500. Doubling the performance of many buy and hold investors since the start of the second quarter

Here is what the individual holdings look like this weekend:


Exits and Entries

After closing out the fund’s position in AFSI on Monday morning, the rough week resulted in another exit signal on Thursday, which led to the exit in CLR on Friday morning. That leaves the QG Fund with 2.5 open positions, and since the SPY is still well above its 100-day moving average we are looking to add 2 new positions this weekend.

Here is what a scan of this weekend’s IBD 50 returns for new 20-week highs:


As you can see, the scan returned a total of eight stocks at new 20-week highs. The top two get filtered out because they are over our historical volatility limit, and the bottom four get filtered out for missing the minimum ROC requirement. That leaves us with SWKS and ULTA as potential new entries this week, and since the QG Fund already owns SWKS, it looks like ULTA will be the only new entry this weekend.

The fund currently has a $22,148.34 to allocate to the 2.5 open positions. That means that the new position in ULTA should be $8,859.34. The buy order is set for Monday morning.

As I say every weekend, there is a good chance the market could completely tank this coming week. It could also rocket higher. I don’t know. I’m not going to pretend like I know. My job is just to watch what happens and follow my rules.

Photo Credit: Βethan via Compfight cc