Fantasy Quarterbacks and Their Stock Market Counterparts

Every August I spend three consecutive Sunday evenings drafting fantasy football teams that will determine which teams and players I will follow for the entire NFL season. I have always found it interesting that I look for very similar traits in both fantasy players and stocks. I like players and stocks that have a proven track record, but are still young enough to grow and improve their performance. I like players and stocks that are coming off their best years. I like players and stocks that are on good teams and in good sectors. I try to focus on numbers, not opinions.

In light of all of these similarities, I thought it would be fun to assign stock market counterparts to a few big name fantasy quarterbacks. Here are some of the better ones I came up with:

  • AAPL – Aaron Rodgers
    • Widely accepted as #1 overall. Both are considered the most likely to put up huge numbers this year.
  • GOOG – Tom Brady
    • Slightly older than AAPL/Aaron Rodgers, but also very likely to put up big numbers this year. Both are TV friendly. (Tom was on Entourage and GOOG has a CNBC documentary)
  • C – Donovan McNabb
    • Both used to be pretty good but have since fallen off the face of the Earth.
  • KORS – Cam Newton
    • Rocketed off to a hot start last year, then cooled off a bit, but now poised to possibly explode to a new high.
  • NSM – Robert Griffin III
    • Rookies. All the ability in the world, but no track record to speak of.
  • EBAY – Peyton Manning
    • Former big stars that hit a rough patch but are diligently planning their return to the big time.
  • SWI – Matthew Stafford
    • Young. Talented. Putting up amazing numbers.
  • WPI – Eli Manning
    • Not flashy or exciting, but constantly improving year after year.
  • PETM¬†– Michael Vick
    • Both love dogs.

Feel free to add any other comparisons in the comments. I had so much fun with quarterbacks that I never even got to running backs or wide receivers.