The Evil Motive of Resistance


resistanceResistance will tell you anything to keep you from doing your work. – Steven Pressfield

Pressfield stresses that resistance has no conscious. It will say or do anything it possibly can to keep you from completing the work that is most important to your success. It knows exactly what buttons to push, because the Resistance is inside your head. It will haunt you.

One of the interesting ways that Resistance likes to screw with traders is by convincing them to focus on things that aren’t important.

Resistance can get purely technical traders to focus on crop reports and unemployment numbers. It can trick systematic traders into taking “hot tips” that they hear from the annoying guy at work who talks too much and smells funny.

Because the Resistance is inside our heads, it knows exactly what our specific weaknesses are and how to exploit them. With absolutely no guilt or remorse, Resistance will attempt to push you off course and blow up your account. 

Resistance will attempt to convince you that you should ignore your stops and move them lower because that stock is certainly coming back. It might even convince you to average down so you will be in a great position when the stock does take off.

Resistance will attempt to convince you that your strategy doesn’t work anymore. It will tell you that your timing was all wrong and that in order to make money you needed to start ten years ago. Of course, Resistance was around back then too.

Resistance will argue that sitting in front of the TV for an hour every night watching some guy push buttons that say things like “BUY! BUY! BUY!” is all the education you really need.

Resistance will even stoop so low as to tell you that you just aren’t smart enough to be a trader. It will tell you that you couldn’t possibly have the brain capacity to beat the markets, and that you should simply invest in index funds because that’s all the returns you deserve. It will tell you to invest for the “long-term” and “buy the dips.”

Whatever weaknesses you have as a trader, Resistance will find them. It will exploit them with relentless force.