Everything is Getting Killed – Except $AAPL

  • I realized that my biggest problem the past few weeks is that I haven’t been watching IBD TV‘s market recap every night. This quick video does a lot to keep me focused on the current state of the major indexes. If I don’t watch everyday, I’m just not able to keep up with knowing which direction the general trend is moving.
  • I thought it was interesting to note that the Stock Spotlight column today was full of BIG STOCKS. I was getting frustrated as the uptrend continued that the Stock Spotlight had become slim pickings. Since we entered the current correction I have noticed a bunch of the BIG STOCKS moving back into the Stock Spotlight. This reinforces for me that I will continue to find winners here.
  • Thought it was pretty wild how many leading stocks gapped down in big volume today. Seems like a who’s who list of big time stocks were all crashing through their 50 day lines in volume. I can’t imagine that is anything but a bearish sign for the general market.
  • Despite all the negatives in the market, $AAPL CRUSHED earnings, AGAIN. I can’t wait to see how the entire market reacts to this. Could these big numbers from $AAPL be enough to turn around the entire market? Has there ever been a stock before that even entertained the thought of being that powerful? Very excited to see how it all plays out!