DTAYS 014 – Thomas Dall

trend following podcast

trend following podcastOn episode 14 of the Don’t Talk About Your Stocks Podcast, I had the opportunity to talk with Thomas Dall. Thomas is the host of The Master Trader’s Workshop Podcast, which is one of the most interesting and creative trading podcasts you will find. On his podcast, Thomas interviews a struggling trader about their approach, and then has an expert trader review the interview and provide comments and advice. The concept allows all of us to have front row seats to a one-on-one coaching seminar with every episode.

In the interview, Thomas discusses how he started the interview in order to help improve his own trading system. He is currently trading a trend following system on German stocks using end-of-day data. My favorite part of the conversation is when Thomas says “You can get anything you want as long as you help enough people get what they want.” What an inspiring outlook on life!

Books Thomas Mentions: