DTAYS 013 – Wes Gray

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trend following podcastOn episode 13 of the Don’t Talk About Your Stocks Podcast I had a very interesting conversation with Wes Gray. Wes teaches finance at Drexel University, advises investors at Empiritrage, and blogs at Turnkey Analyst. He is also the author of Quantitative Value.

During out conversation, Wes discusses his quantitative approach to fundamental value investing. This is a concept that I am not very familiar with, so it was very interesting to listen to him explain what he does. He covers topics like systematic decision making, evidence based investing, and his goal of educating his clients.

We did have some technical issues with Skype for this interview, so we had to use an alternative software. Do to that, the quality isn’t as good as either of us would have liked. However, the conversation was so interesting to me that I still felt compelled to publish it.

Books Wes Mentions: