DTAYS 011 – Ben C. Banks

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trend following podcastOn episode 11 of the Don’t Talk About Your Stocks podcast, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to talk with Ben C. Banks. Ben is a completely self-taught momentum swing trader who focuses on technical analysis. In talking to Ben and reading his blog posts, it is easy to see that he has a vast resource of knowledge. He has definitely put in the time doing his homework.

One of the most amazing things about Ben’s story is that despite being only 18 year old, he has already been trading for six years. In the interview, he discusses how he chose his first stocks at the age of 12, and how his approach to trading has evolved over the past six years.

When he is describing his daily routine, pay particular attention to the point that he NEVER takes a day off from the markets. If the markets are trading, he is doing his homework analyzing what is happening. This is the kind of dedication that it takes to be successful!

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