It Doesn’t Matter What Your Name Is!


resistanceResistance is not out to get you personally. It doesn’t know who you are and doesn’t care. – Steven Pressfield

This one sounds familiar.

Regardless of your trading approach, pretty much every good book on trading stresses the point that the markets aren’t out to get you personally. The markets just are what the markets are Your existence has no impact on them.

Resistance is the same way.

Despite the fact that it often feels like the entire world is out to get you, the truth is that the world really doesn’t care about you. You’re just not that important. Sorry.

In order to effectively fight the Resistance that is fighting you, you can’t take it personally. Shit happens.

Your job is to deal with it, without letting it stop you. Your job is to break through the restraints that Resistance is attempting to place on your life.