The Cheap Thrills of Resistance


resistanceWhen someone sleeps with us, we feel validated and approved of, even loved. Resistance gets a big kick out of that. It knows it has distracted us with a cheap, easy fix and kept us from doing our work. – Steven Pressfield

When it comes to the topics that most of us aren’t really comfortable talking about, Pressfield dives right in. Following this quote, he also points out how the Resistance can employ “drugs, shopping, masturbation, TV, gossip, alcohol, and the consumption of all products containing fat, sugar, salt, or chocolate.” The only thing he doesn’t mention is gambling, so let’s throw that one in there as well.

The point is that life is filled with cheap thrills that can distract you from your greater purpose if you give them that power. When they succeed, the Resistance is the driving force behind it. 

Because of the nature of the business and the amount of money that it is possible to make, traders are probably more vulnerable to these cheap thrills than the average person. Fortunately, we already spend a good amount of time working on controlling our emotions and avoiding acting impulsively.

TheResistance is great at convincing you to throw that careful and calculated trader mindset out the window when you are out on a Saturday night. The best way that you can fight back is to be aware of what it is trying to do. Don’t let the lure of cheap thrills derail your focused progress towards trading success.