Mark Minervini’s Master Trader Program

mark minervini

Earlier this year, when I interviewed Mark Minervini for the DTAYS Podcast, he mentioned an upcoming workshop he was planning with Market Wizard David Ryan later this year. Well, later this year is quickly approaching and Mark has been kind enough to offer a sweet discount to any DTAYS readers who are interested in attending. Mark's 2014 Master Trader Program … [Read more...]

QG Fund Update: First New Entry in Months!


Based on the way that last week finished up, it was pretty reasonable to assume that the market would bounce back this week. This was particularly the case for growth stocks, which had been beaten up pretty bad last week. This week, things looked a lot better. Once again, we are seeing the virtue of not panicking. As a discretionary trader, I was prone to jumping in and out … [Read more...]

Get A Trading Mentor In Your Head


"Liam gets it. He is already talking about “the Big Seth in my mind.” In other words, everything that he (or anyone) might learn by being up close and personal with Seth, he already knows. We don't really need to attend Seth's seminar, wonderful as it will be. What we would have come away with, we can come away with on our own. -Steven Pressfield Steven Pressfield … [Read more...]

It Takes Discipline…


The paradox seems to be, as Socrates demonstrated long ago, that the truly free individual is free only to the extent of his own self-mastery. While those who will not govern themselves are condemned to find masters to govern over them. - Steven Pressfield You can't possibly do this without discipline. It takes discipline to sit down and do your work every single day. It … [Read more...]

When Modeling Great Traders Goes Too Far

modeling great traders

Seth Godin published a post last week that he called Origin Stories. In that post, he discussed the humble and interesting beginning of a variety of successful people and groups like The Grateful Dead, Superman, and Hewlett Packard. He then explained that despite the fact that these stories are all very interesting. They are just stories. They aren't something that we can … [Read more...]